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Huntsville, Alabama

Countdown to Walker 2022 Family Reunion



Let the countdown begin to the next Walker Reunion/Celebration. This year we will all meet in Huntsville, Alabama.  It is located in north Alabama and is referred to as the Rocket City. It is the home of NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center, the home of the marching Bulldogs, Alabama A&M University and sits in the heart of the Tennessee Valley. It was voted the number one place in the US to live. We like it because we call it home. So, we are excited and pleased to welcome you to the Rocket City. But more importantly, we are elated to see family and to bond after making it alive through the coronavirus pandemic. 



Registration in the lobby of the Embassy Suites Hotel 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Come meet the lovely hostesses and pick up your Registration Kit.



We will meet from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on July 7, 2022 for the MEET & GREET. Join us for food and fellowship on the 2nd floor in the hospitality room. Engage in the family scavenger hunt and meet our fellow family members. Expect to learn what we have in common and unique facts about us all.



Meet early Friday morning, 7:00 am for a refreshing walk around Big Springs Park. Join family on the Moon Walk for a great opportunity to get ready for the day.



We have two exciting and informative “Family Talk” Workshops. In the Monroe Room, please join the family facilitators as they discuss the necessities of family life planning from the perspective of an attorney. Understanding Wills and Estates including what information your family needs to know about you in case of an emergency. IT is the things we need to know but never intentionally stop to discuss. It will be followed by another exciting workshop, conducted by a family member who is a seasoned physician. The emphasis will be on knowing your family health history and steps we can take to secure a healthier life. 



The Space and Rocket Center is one of the largest space exhibits that exists. Join the group as we travel to the Center to experience another out of this world tour from 10:10 am to 3:00 pm. See Early artifacts of low earth and moon missions conducted by NASA. See real moon rocks and visit the planetarian and ride the Moonshot. Kids ages 13 and under are free (gifted by the hosting committee). Tickets are $20 for those aged 14 and older.



You do not want to miss the Family Banquet, “A Night Under the Stars”.  From 7 pm to 11:00 pm there will be a formal dinner, family history, presentations, memorial and recognitions. Please wear your finest as this promises to be an eloquent affair. Formal or semi-formal is the attire. After dinner we will experience the smooth sounds of the DJ, as we celebrate together in dance. This is an African tradition. Every celebration includes dance and merriment and the Walker Reunion will deliver no less. Plan to take many pictures with family and friends because you will want to cherish these memories. Banquet colors are Black and Silver, however, feel free to wear whatever formal or semi-formal (church attire) you wish.



Who doesn’t like a good old fashion Bar-b-que? We will enjoy the family Cookout on Saturday, July 10, from 12 pm to 4 pm. Nested in the mountains in Huntsville, AL, is Monte Sano State Park. It allows you to see the various terrain as it offers hiking, a Japanese garden and recreational activities. Have fun playing kick ball, volleyball, badminton, cards, bingo, dominos, Kid activities and MORE. Prizes will be given. Food, Fun, Family and Friends will be the agenda. Kids will have access to some water play so please be sure to bring a change of clothes and/or swimwear! 



Saturday evening, on your own, shop or explore Huntsville nightlife downtown. Enjoy the quaint restaurants and other fun things to do downtown. You can take in the sights and happenings of Mid-Town or relax in Madison Towne. Maybe even catch a baseball game with the Trash Pandas.



All good things come to an end. We will complete this Mission on Sunday morning with a family prayer to keep us until we meet again. Meet in the Monroe Room at 9am, exchange info, make promises to stay in touch and seek God’s guidance and grace to continue Onward & Upward!



Safe travels!!!!



Prepare For Launch!
Thursday, July 7, 2022
6:30PM-8:30PM CST
Location: Embassy Suites Hospitality Suite



Tour the Space and Rocket Center
10:10AM - 3PM CST


A Night Under the Stars
Friday, July 8, 2022

Location: Embassy Suites Ballroom



Saturday, July 9, 2022
Location: Monte Sano State Park
Address: 5105 Nolen Ave.
Huntsville, AL 35801



Sunday, July 10, 2022
9:00AM CST
Location: Monroe Room



Join us in Huntsville, Alabama as we Launch

The Walker Family Reunion 2022!


sam and angelia.png

-Sam and Angelia Walker 

-Michael and Dell Walker 

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